Stations of the Cross

In class we have been learning about the stations of the cross, we thought about how Jesus must of felt huring the time.

When Jesus was on his journey , when was cruified, he fell three times.

I found out that there were 14 stations of the cross but sometimes people add on another station of the cross when jesus rose from the dead on easter sunday.

by Basil, Rachael and Grace

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  1. cchhaarrlliiee says:

    Mr.Willis it’s unfair that they did that to the true sun of God . 😮

  2. charlie says:

    What a lot of pain Jesus went through ouch

  3. Anonymous says:

    loved the stations of the cross ha how u all doin

  4. ryan says:

    the stations of the cross is the final hours of the cross

  5. mrwillis says:

    Yes, Basil, this is what we looked at in church.

  6. Basil says:

    Didn’t we went to the church
    to do the staishion of the cross?

  7. kyle says:

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  8. Jp says:

    i done this for my homework and i dint COPYY !!!!

  9. Jack says:

    Iv done my homework on that. jesus is condemd to death

  10. kyle says:

    hey gerat i loved that pic ha how u all doin hope ur haveing fun lol

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